Mastermindkochi is managed by a team of professional English teachers with enormous knowledge, skill, experience, exposure and expertise. Mastermind team really knows what a person needs to speak English. As we have taught many professionals and non professionals, job seekers, students, teachers and house wives, we are acquainted with or familiar with particular learning difficulties and problems encountered by different groups. Our main challenge is that some do not practice simple sentences, till they reach a state of spontaneity, till the words come out of their mouth automatically. We use least effort techniques. We use simple, clear and precise explanations. We have special skills to teach tenses, question formation, reported speech, active and passive voice, modals, prepositions, punctuation etc. We teach only what is required. We do not teach what you cannot use in a real life situation. In the beginning, according to the requirement explanations can be given both in English and in Malayalam.


  1. Learn the complete sentence
  2. Practice the complete sentence.
  3. Repeat the complete sentence.
  4. Use the complete sentence
  5. Master the complete sentence
  6. Generate new sentences.

Nobody can speak a sentence after learning a few rules. Nobody can make a sentence after a long calculation. A language lives on the tongue of the people. The best way to learn a language is to speak it. Speak it boldly, confidently and without hesitation. You should not be afraid to make mistakes. No child can learn to walk without falling. Without making a single mistake, you cannot get up one day and speak impeccable English. Practice is the key to English speaking skills. You cannot become an expert swimmer or a football player without practice . Again we say that you cannot speak English after learning a few rules. When you open the mouth the language should flow out of your mouth naturally, spontaneously and automatically, without much thinking. Through regular and systematic practice, you should certainly reach a state of spontaneity. In the beginning, you will experience some initial hiccup. You cannot speak. So you should practice each sentence several times so that you will reach a point where you start speaking English spontaneously. Once you overcome the initial difficulties, you can speak. You can create sentences. You can generate your own sentences, according to the situation, according to the need. If you are prepared to practice, you will speak English. If you do not practice, you cannot speak English, even if you go to a hundred centres, even if you are taught by a hundred teachers. If you are ready to practice, anybody can speak English in twenty hours. Just practice now, during your free time, with effortless ease. You will not be asked to do anything difficult or impossible. Just practice simple sentences, complete sentences, till you can speak spontaneously. We will teach the complete English or essential English so that you can speak fluently, efficiently and effectively.


We have special modules for improving English grammar and writing skills. We train people as to how to write in standard English.