Meditation is the art and science of strengthening the mind and body, keeping it always in a state of well being, liberating it for prompt, timely and effective action. Meditation is the art of conditioning the mind and body. Good meditation provides an individual with enormous energy, confidence, clarity of vision and conviction. It liberates an individual for action. Transcending the limitations of matter, overcoming every hurdles, through meditation, through active visualization, every wish is fulfilled and one attains self actualization.

Our mind is like the leather. It can be made very soft or very hard. Our mind is like a metal. The strength of the metal depends on its temper. When locks are made, the temper is increased so that it is not easily cut or broken. Like this, the purpose of meditation is to refine the mind and to make it strong and resolute so that one is not shattered or devastated, when one is facing a crisis, even in the most trying circumstance. Meditation offers the best protective shield by providing a kind of self sustaining optimism, when one is struggling to find some meaning in life, when the mind is fighting against all odds, when the heart is drifting towards a bottomless abyss of dejection and despair.

Meditation is the art of shredding the mystic blind, the optical illusion, the magic charm, the mind’s magnified and exaggerated conception of infinite pleasure from a finite medium, causing addiction, attachment, enslavement and obsession, where the object traps and obscures the subject, the pure consciousness, oblivious of one’s inherent self sufficiency and completeness in his thinking, mind and consciousness, without depending on any type of external medium for peace and bliss.

Through proper meditation, I must realize that I am not this body and this body is not mine, but I am pure consciousness. I am bliss. When a man reaches the pinnacle of evolution, each moment, he is in a state of bliss and each moment, he is in a state of action. Meditation is the art of reaching the supreme state of mental evolution where he experiences the mystic oneness, the ultimate unity, where he sees one in all and all in one. With the realization of this ultimate unity, freedom and bliss, all fear and hatred vanishes totally from the mind.

A man remains on the bottom rung on the ladder of evolution, when his whole focus is not on action, but on self and self gratification. Meditation is the art of liquidating ones mind and ego, by being with the breathe. On entering a higher state of consciousness, man finds joy and fulfillment, not through depending on a medium, but through an act of will, through active visualization, through the synchronization of wish, will and fulfillment. Liberation and bliss is not something which is yet to be achieved with some external addition or divine union, but yet to be discovered and recognized in his thinking, mind and consciousness. It is the astounding recognition of ones inherent self sufficiency, completeness and bliss in his pure consciousness.

Through proper meditation, when a man enters a higher state of consciousness, to the supreme state of freedom and bliss, there is no being, ego, consciousness, will, need or thinking. There is no sensation, feeling, perception, conception, mental formation or consciousness. For meditation is the art of liquidating the mind by being with the breathe.


  • To get insight.
  • To calm the mind.
  • To do things consciously with awareness.
  • Arrest the oscillation of the mind between the past and the future and to hold it firmly to the present and to do each task on a priority basis, one by one without wasting time on destructive thinking.
  • To scan and eliminate from ones mind all pessimism, discontentment and tension and to fill it with optimism, a joyful disposition and enormous energy.
  • Suspension of being, ego, consciousness, will, need and thinking.
  • The elimination of emotional exhaustion, mental strain, fatigue and to channelise one’s time and energy creatively, efficiently and effectively.
  • Reform and refine the mind through the elimination of mental ailments like sadism and masochism and to fill him with love and compassion.
  • It is the best mental shield or armor to ward off tension and depression.
  • To eliminate the weakness of the mind and to create a joyful disposition deliberately, through an act of will. Each moment be happy. Each moment you act. Be fully functional. Live and act 60 second in a minute. immortalize each moment through action.

    Sit in any comfortable position, in a comfortable place without straining. The back bone must be straight. Morning time with an empty stomach is the best. Lotus position is the best, but not a must. If you close your eyes, you can ward off a lot of distraction and the draining of energy through your eyes. Silence is needed. Use your commonsense. You open the umbrella when there is rain, without anybody’s telling. When ever depressive thoughts agitate your mind, you can do the breathing meditation.



    This is the first and the best meditation to keep the mind calm and to insulate the individual against tension and stress. If it is practiced regularly and diligently, it has got infinite advantages. Without doing the breathing meditation, it is almost impossible to keep the mind calm. This great meditation is developed by Lord Buddha. It is to be borne in mind that whenever Lord Buddha spoke, he used to hold his attention on the breathe in front of him. As it is not easy to count all the stars in the sky, the enormous advantages of breathing meditation can never be fully understood or measured.

    1. 1 To calm the mind.
    2. Cessation of self or the elimination of ego
    3. De focusing from worry, fear and tension.
    4. To escape from dejection and depression.
    5. Right focus.
    6. Transcendence.
    7. To escape from normal distraction.
    8. We can’t keep our mind empty. Millions of depressive and aggressive thoughts invade our mind each second. We become dejected, disappointed and depressed. This meditation insulates the individual against a lot of distraction and temptation.


      In this meditation, we don’t control or regulate our breathing. We just observe our breathing, inhalation and exhalation. When we take a short breath in , we observe that we take a short breath in. When we take a short breath out, we observe that we take a short breath out. When we take a long breath in, we observe that we take a long breath in. When we take a long breath out, we observe that we take a long breath out. This meditation has indescribable and inscrutable advantages. This meditation has wonderful, miraculous and therapeutic properties. In this meditation, we defocus ourselves from problems, tensions and self.

      Breathing meditation is the best option to escape from all types of traumatic thoughts and pressures. This is the best shield against natural vulnerability and obsessive depression. In Yoga, in pranayama, we regulate or control our breathing. We slow down our breathing process. We slowly breathe in , retain the breathe and slowly breathe out. In breathing meditation we just observe our inhalation and exhalation. We don’t control our breathing. The best way to control our mind is through controlling our breathing process. To calm our mind, we must slow down our breathing.


      The enormous advantage of breathing meditation is not properly understood by many people. Even the most educated and sophisticated urban elite fail miserably in this field. They don’t do it regularly. If we try to control the mind it will become the most uncontrollable. When we try to control the mind, we get the opposite effect. It is like saying that the operation is successful. But the patient is dead. In breathing meditation, no conscious effort is made to control the mind. But unconsciously, without a deliberate effort , automatically, the attention is taken away from self and self gratification to breathing. This is the best meditation to purge the mind of all impurities. Through the observation of our inhalation and exhalation, through de focusing, automatically , the attention is taken away from self and fixed on the breathe in front of him. Through breathing meditation, the ego is demolished, the mind is made calm and one escapes from all unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through this meditation, you enter the field of enormous energy and you become a power house of infinite energy. You experience that you are a luminous fire ball of energy. Meditation is the art of liquidating the mind by being with the breathe. Focus on action . Focus on breathing. Be with your breathe.

      Some masters describe what is meditation. But I teach you how to do pure meditation which transform you, liberate you and empower you. If you are not transformed , if you do not enter a higher state of consciousness, to a state of ecstasy, energy, action and thoughtless awareness, all effort is in vein. Learn how to switch off your mind at will. Learn how to switch off all external sensory input and come to a state of emptiness, joy and awareness. To know more contact You may do advance booking and call on Skype. Mastermindkochi. Email: If you are tensed, stressed or depressed, please call Phone +91 9562 802 835 , +91 9961 156 502