Quick tips to manage tension, stress and depression.

Modern man is reeling under enormous tension, stress and depression. Through specific insights, meditation and auto suggestion techniques, through a novel three pronged strategy, you can overcome this global malady and enjoy peace, bliss and affluence. You cannot control your mind. If you try to control your mind, it will have the opposite effect. The more you try to control, the more uncontrollable it becomes. What you resist, you become. Learn to master your mind naturally, spontaneously, through mind engineering, through a work and play harmony. Learn to master your mind through least effort techniques. Enjoy life. Celebrate life. Sing and dance. Learn Spinning 360. Get rid of tension through action, through magic tips.

  1. Come out of your bunker of social isolation and loneliness. Never remain alone in a closed room. Leap out of your room. Live in the lap of nature. Sunlight and fresh air will lift you up from your sagging morale. Be in a group. Interact with people and friends.
  2. Exercise or increased physical activity is the best medicine for tension and stress. Go for a walk. Play games. Play with kids. Go for swimming. Always keep busy.
  3. Eat a healthy Omega 3 diet. Eat fruits, vegetables and salad.
  4. If you think about an unpleasant thing for a long time, you will be more sad than before. If you brood over a lost umbrella, you will become sad. Even if you lose an elephant if you do not dwell on it, it won’t create a big problem. You are happy or unhappy according to your perception.
  5. Be positive. Be optimistic. A pessimistic perception is the worst disability of a human being.
  6. If you are agitated, identify the problem.
  7. Find out a solution.
  8. Explore all available option.
  9. Choose the best solution. Swing into swift and speedy action right now. Just do it.
  10. Change what you can change. Accept what you cannot change. Learn how to come to a state of blissful calm.


If you are suffering from intense tension, stress and depression, Switch off your mind. Stop thinking. Keep your mind blank. To learn how to switch off the mind at will, to switch off all external sensory input at will, contact www. mastermindkochi.in. If no known teaching, method or technique has not liberated you from tension and stress contact us confidently. Bid goodbye to tension and depression for ever now. Enter a higher state of consciousness, to a state of action and to a state of ecstasy. Enjoy unalloyed peace, joy and tranquility. Learn how to do pure meditation for real transformation. Learn brain dumping, Meditation 65, various techniques and stunning strategies to recover your lost energy, confidence, self esteem and to cope up with 21st century problems and challenges.

Curiously, there is an inverse relation between action and stress. More action, less stress. Less action, more stress. Always keep busy. Enjoy what you do. You do what you enjoy. Fall in love with your profession. More than the fruit of work, get joy from ceaseless effort, from working. To be happy, make the other happy. If you try to make yourself happy, you can never be happy.


Taking medicine for depression is not desirable. First of all, the medicine may aggravate your situation, may develop other complication. Medicine may make you sleepy, weak and frail. Medicine can drain your energy. You will lose your vigour, vitality, will and drive to work and to lead a normal life. Due to addiction, gradually the dose is to be increased. Then you cannot survive without this medicine. You will be under a lifelong meditation. Get rid of depression through work, play, food, meditation and relaxation techniques. Our human body is a wonderful miracle machine with infinite capacity. For instance, the heart pumps blood for 24 hours, seven days a week, even for a hundred years. It has an inherent capability to cure itself, to recreate itself. Never underestimate a person’s latent potential to heal itself.